Using Scrapy with different / many proxies


Ref. to the previous post (Using Scrapy with proxies), I mentioned how to use a SINGLE proxy with Scrapy.
Now, what if you have different proxies ? here are a simple few changes to make it .
1. Add a new array with your proxies to your config file as follows :
2. Update your middlewares.py file to the following :
That’s it 🙂 !

Using Scrapy with proxies


I’m working currently on a scraping some websites for B-kam.com. I used to develop in PHP but when I searched for best scraping / crawling, I found Scrapy (written in Python) is the best. You can read more about it and how to start here :  I searched a lot for how to use proxies with Scrapy but couldn’t find simple / Straight forward way to do it. All are talking about Middlewares and...

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