Recovery Stories

30 Mar 2019

The iPhone was left at a car dealership in Westbrook, CT. The owner was identified by STOP, the dealer had the contact name and the phone is being returned

29 Mar 2019

A school-owned laptop was found by police during a warranted search of a residence in Oakland, California. School has been notified and contacted the police to recover the laptop.

22 Mar 2019

Good Samaritan found laptop on train in Chicago. Owner has been contacted and is making arrangements to get it back.

18 Mar 2019
15 Mar 2019

A student's STOP-tagged MacBook was found in a car that had been impounded in Minneapolis-St. Paul area. STOP has reached out to the registered owner, awaiting response.

13 Mar 2019

Employee left an employer-owned iPad on a Frontier Airlines flight that terminated in Chicago O'Hare Airport on February 20 at around 10:30 PM. Frontier has notified owner they have located an iPad that closely matches the description she provided. Owner confirmed that the iPad was hers. Airline returned the iPad.

4 Mar 2019

Laptop was misplaced by employee and recently recovered back to the employee.

27 Feb 2019

Former employee called to return a laptop to their employer. Employer is making arrangements for return.

20 Feb 2019

Laptop found in garbage can by janitor in Billings, MT .

19 Feb 2019

Laptop left at a trade fair. Booth next to it contacting us to get it back to the owners. Owners making arrangements to recover