Recovery Stories

21 Dec 2017

A Good Samaritan found a school-owned Chromebook that was left near a store in Lake, Jackson, Texas and turned it over to local police, who notified STOP.

STOP notified the school administrator, and recovery process is underway.

20 Dec 2017

Laptop left at Pizza restaurant in Novi MI has been retrieved.

20 Dec 2017
19 Dec 2017

An employee left her company-owned laptop in a taxi in Brooklyn, NY. Driver turned over laptop to local police precinct, who notified STOP. Owner contacted by STOP, recovery by employee is underway.

18 Dec 2017

A laptop that was stolen from a teacher in a Georgia-based school system was recovered during a search warrant by police in Marietta, GA. School administrator was notified, recovery is under way.

15 Dec 2017

Laptop found by UPS. Package with laptop lost tracking number. Owner is making arrangements to get it back.

4 Dec 2017

Good Samaritan found laptop aboard airplane and is returning it to the owner today.

3 Dec 2017

Student left her tablet at Idaho Falls Airport. Lost & Found notified STOP. Owner info provided to lost & found, they will reach out to owner to arrange recovery.

25 Nov 2017

Owner called hotline to report that he left his STOP-tagged laptop at TSA checkpoint at Logan Intl Airport Boston, Mass. TSA confirmed they have his laptop, and owner will return to Logan to recover his laptop.

9 Nov 2017

Laptop found by TSA at Dulles Airport. Owner has been contacted and is making arrangements to get it back.