Recovery Stories

13 Feb 2018

Good Samaritan Laura called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report that she found this laptop in the bushes in San Antonio, TX. STOP identified this laptop as belonging to a school district and has notified the aministrator. Recovery process is underway.

9 Feb 2018

Laptop found by TSA at Houston Airport has been recovered by the owner.

5 Feb 2018

Laptop found in the lobby of a restaurant in Billings, MT. Owner has been contacted.

1 Feb 2018

Laptop that was just reported stolen this week due to a home invasion was found on a freeway in CA. Owner is working on recovery.

29 Jan 2018

A police officer at a Maryland-based university called STOP to verify ownership of a STOP-tagged laptop that has been turned over to the station. STOP identified this as belonging to the university. Verification/Recovery process is underway.

24 Jan 2018

Laptop left at car rental place in Phoenix AZ was retrieved by owner.

5 Jan 2018

Security Guard found a STOP-tagged laptop while on patrol of a property in Minneapolis, MN. He called STOP's 24/7 recovery hotline to report. STOP notified the registered owner, awaiting response.

2 Jan 2018
29 Dec 2017

A company-owned laptop was apparently stolen and then recovered during the impounding of a suspect's vehicle in St. Louis, MO. The STOP Security Plate had been forcefully removed, revealing STOP's recovery hotline number, which a police officer called. STOP has notified the registered owner.

22 Dec 2017

Laptop found at Holiday Inn in Homa LA. Owner has picked it up,