People I’d like to thank


In our life’s journey, we meet a lot of people, but only a few affect us and affect shaping our life. So, the least thing I could do is thanking them. I’ll mention the names according to the timeline.

Waleed, Ayman & Samih Saad: My 1st Computer Instructors when I was 11 years old )

Mohammed Refaiy: Owner of the first place I worked for when I was 14 years old

Hossam Al-Din Karim: This one has really changed my computer professional life, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t meet him )

Walid Gad Karim: My Master in web designing and development (not webmaster 🙂 )

Mona Hussein: 1st and last internet friend, and introduced me to her brother (Allah yer7amo) Moustafa Hussein

Moustafa Hussein (Allah yer7amo): This guy almost re-shaped my life, by introducing me to YES 2002 volunteers team as a web developer. And the 1st one who tell me what is the meaning of “Volunteer” word when I was 16 years old

Abdallah Sobeih & Haythem Kamel: Co-founders of my life’s school (SDA), if you don’t know them, you don’t know about civil society 🙂 ! They both trusted me and supported me since I was 16 (3ayel ya3ny)

Abdallah Diwan: This guy supported me in many workshops and events where I was the youngest person at those events.

Dina el Zanfaly: My big sister 🙂 Always supports me in my personal life and has my black box 🙂

Mohammed Helmy Wasief: Supported me in my business life and also made a lot of difference in my lifestyle.

Mayada Moustafa: One on best and loyal girls I had ever met in my life, she supported me a lot in my personal life too.

Diaa Salah: My big brother, he trusted me and supported me to get the biggest business lead in my life.

Emad Elwany: We didn’t work a lot or even meet a lot, but I really appreciate all that he did for me, especially an invitation to a meeting (ex-Minster Mohamed Rachid). Emad invited almost top 10 IT Companies in Alexandria, and I was ONLY the virtual one

Samer El Sahn: The guy who invited me to work @ eSpace (Best place to work at), and also trusted me in big projects however I was new to the company. I would thank him for taking the risk of hiring me and trusting me :). Samer also supported me a lot in my personal life.

Passent El Zanfaly: My younger sister (however she is older than me), but without her standing by me in many personal problems, I wouldn’t survive 🙂

Youssef Aly & Hamdy Khalil: They supported me a lot in my career life, my ideas and always ready to take the risk with me. Besides, I spend the funniest times with them 😀

Marwa Yehia: She wrote B-Kam business plan for MENA100 competition which was one of the causes that we won the competition. She helped also in B-kam copyrighting which make people feel that how professional are the people behind B-kam.

I would also like to thank all of :
Shaimaa Moustafa, Yasmine Heidar, Ali Mehilba, Abdel-Rahman Mehilba, Ahmed Nasr, Amira Sobeih, Ayman El Domiaty, Osman Ahmed Osman, Randa Youssef

And finally  My Mother ( although she was although breaking my dreams ) & Father ( who’s DROP me in the computer field since I was 11 years old, and he paid a lot for me especially in my 1st travelings 🙂 )

Sorry If I forgot to mention your name !!



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