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( ISLAMIC ) Blue GiftShop Cafe !!


A Month ago, we "Me & A7med 3abdel-qader" went to meet a personal called "Hanan" @ "Costa City Centre" She was a Marketer & Sales in "UGO Guide" to make a business with her in "Zamago", While we were setting she told us we're waiting for her partner, 30 minute later, her partner came, after saying Hi, we knew he's "Blue Gift...

3aib !!


After a spending a nice night 2days ago ( it was on a party in the BA ), there was a girl from Protugal that her body is SO NICE , btw am not talkin about a specified place in her body, absolutely not ,  but her body at all was somethin great !! zat mabey2olo kda 3oodha malosh 7al, elly azraf men kda while we was dancing she was make a moves, esta7ala ay gesm masry can do it ( m3a el e3tezar...

Elly Ma7abesh …..,, Yeb2a Ma7abesh :)!!


You may be surprised about this topic, but it was a period in my life that I will never forget. While I was in break-up with my GF, it was too long , was about an year. Meanwhile this, I knew a person then we was in a relationship for a while ba3d kda ma7asalsh naseeb . El Fekra mesh fe kda, el fekra fe 7aga tanya khales, this one was the real mean of LOVE !!, really Ideal GF , so Smart, can be...

My Diary – El khamis – 12 Oct. !


El Khamis 12 Oct 2006, 19 Ramadan !!

El Sa3a 11:00 El sob7 : lesa sa7ey men el nom, yadob omt salet el sob7 we a3adt ashta3'al fe this site !

El Sa3a 4:00 : Men3em etasal yesalem 3alaya we yes2alny 7aro7 fain 2day zay kol khamis !!

El Sa3a 5:30 : El fetar , mama kanet 3amla samak, we ana mesh ba7ebo neha2y , bas akalt welly kan kan !!

She Was !!


She was the most close one to me !! She was knowing me more than Myself !! She was my friend when I was having problems in my work !! She was my sister when I having problems with my GF !! She was my soul mate !! And Suddenly She turned over to be a one , I know him as a colleague !! May be this because of my pureness & Stupidity in telling her somethings I shouldn't tell !! BTW, If you...

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