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ضياع اللمبي في العرس الأوليمبي


While I was reading Almasry-Alyoum, I found this GREAT article , I hope you like it ! ضياع اللمبي في العرس الأوليمبي – ٢/٩/٢٠٠٨ بلغني أن السيد متولي أبو طاقية.. رئيس اللجنة الأوليمبية، قد أرسل إلي البائس المسكين.. رئيس بعثة بكين، ودارت بينهما مباحثات مازالت جارية.. تم خلالها استخدام الألفاظ النابية.. وتخللها تبادل ضرب الأحذية، وقد حكي لنا مندوب الأخبار.. جانباً من الحوار الذي دار.. وقد سأل...

Best PHP Framework / PHP Frameworks Comparison


I’d been looking for best PHP Framework about 6 months ago !! read a lot of comparison charts, downloaded CakePHP & CodeIgniter and tried both of them. Finally I found the CodeIgniter should be the best PHP framework although it’s not the ALL-IN-ONE framework, but it’s easy to custom / use / integrate, it has a GREAT documentation, so nice community & Finally 2+ Books...

How to ignore duplicated entries problem in Primary key field in MySQL ?


While I was working on a HUGE database processing, it was about 3,4 M. rows., I faced a problem which is “Add row with ID which already inserted in before in Primary key field”, for example: 1 item description 1 item description_2 They are not identical but the primary keys are. Since primary keys have to be unique this throws an error. Here is how we get around this error: $sql =...

Forgot your SSH Password ?? or SSH SSH Service failed and you can’t start it using Cpanel.. ??


Consider the scenario :- SSH service in your server ( CPanel ) has falied and its not allowing you to login from backend. But you can login to WHM with any issues. Trying to restart SSH using WHM > Restart Services also is giving a “Failed” result . or You have changed the SSH port for server hardening , but forgot to add the new port to the firewall rules. And after you logout from the...

Vodafone Egypt clinches Sarcom content to boost internet service


CAIRO: If the traditional ADSL internet providers aren’t looking over their shoulders, they ought to be. Telecom giant Vodafone thinks it has the recipe to dominate the internet market in Egypt, and as proof it announced Tuesday its intention to buy a majority stake in content provider Sarmady Communications (Sarcom). The deal, the details of which are being kept strictly under wraps, will...

How to debug Javascript with Visual Web Developer Express 2008 Express ?


While I was working on simple AJAX webpage, that get the contents from other page, and put it in specific DIV, I was getting errors in IE7 although it was working like a charm in Firefox 3.0 !! As you know, that IE 7.0 is the most ever stupid browser, so I couldn’t debug this error ! I searched all ove the internet and finally find a great article that describes how to use Microsoft Visual...

Finally, Moved from Joomla to WordPress


If you know me, you may be weird !! How come being a Joomla developer & leave it to going to WordPress ! Ok, Simply the answer cause I want to BLOG not to manage a website :), and I was caring a lot about a desktop tool to help me blogging through desktop application and not to open the browser, login, open a new topic, bla bla bla ! So, if you are interrested in moving from Joomla to...

Top 10 Reasons to date an ENGINEER


10. The world does revolve around us… we choose the coordinate system. 9. No "couple" enjoy a better "moment". 8. We know how to handle stress and strain in a relationship. 7. We have significant figures. 6. We understand the motion of rigid bodies. 5. Projectile motion: Do we need to say more? 4. Engineers do it to specification. 3. According to Newton, if two bodies...

10 Absolute “Nos!” for Freelancers


Article Source :Wake Up Later: When I first started freelancing as a college student, I was eager to do any website and would say "Yes" to anything, regardless of my skill set or the time involved. It was just nice to know that someone needed me for a skilled task. Unfortunately, I quickly found myself working all the time, eating Ramen noodles, and not getting anywhere in terms of...

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