عفوا..الشباب المصرى غير متاح حالياً!!

I got this mail from a friend, and I’d like to sharing it with you  🙂

هل أنت ولامؤاخذة مثقف؟؟
هل فكرت وغامرت واتهورت مرة وقريت كتاب؟؟
بتقرا حاجة غير مجلة ميكي ؟؟
عندك مصدر بتجيب منه معلومات غير قعدة القهوة؟؟
تعرف يعني إيه حزب؟؟
هل تعلم ماهى الليبرالية والفدرالية والإشتراكية ؟؟
يا ترى بتدخل ع النت ليه؟؟ عشان تتثقف؟؟

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HTTP Basic and Digest authentication with PHP

HTTP authentication is quite popular for web applications. It is pretty
easy to implement and works for a range of http applications; not to mention
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Funniest Condom Ad Ever

Ok, after the reaction we got with our last NSFW post, I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not, but here goes. After all, it’s a 3-D animation, so it must be geeky, right?

Warning: Some people might consider this NSFW.

[Via BoingBoing]

The History of the Internet

The “History of the Internet” is an animated documentary explaining all the events and technologies that led to the invention of the Internet. A fascinating watch!

4 Great Internet Business Articles you should read

Now a days I’m studying for the term exams & I don’t have enough time to work, so in the free time, am always surfing for “The Best …. of 2008” or any IT news that I’ve a lot of it on my google reader account. While I was surfing the internet, looking for best Web 2.0 applications or Web 2.0 Awards, I found 3 great articles at a website called : Aviva Directory, Here they are :

How to Incorporate Your Business
Grade Your Website: 31 Free Online Tests
Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps to Grow Your Business
99 Tips to (Cheaply) Brand a Start-up

PHP Coding Standards

I’d been writing PHP Code for about 5 years ago 🙂 !! at 1st I started by some short tutorials then went for trial & error and ofcourse the help of Waleed Gad, later on I started to read many books and my Programming level started to be near professional , but each time I was looking for coding standards. 2 days ago by chance I did a search and I found a lot of useful links that I wanted to share with you !

  1. PHP Coding Standards text file (Found on their CVS)
  2. PEAR coding standards
  3. Zend Framework coding standard
  4. Typo3 general php practices
  5. WordPress coding style guidelines
  6. phpbb3 group coding guidelines
  7. Buxaprojects php coding guidelines
  8. evolt.org php coding guidelines
  9. BlackGate php coding guidelines
  10. Blueshoes coding guidelines
  11. OpenClinic coding guidelines

Some Beautiful Free WordPress Themes

While I was searching for free wordpress themes , I found these nice posts :

Social Networking in Images

One of my friends ( Ashraf- Duettographics.com has shared these pics with me, and I found it so nice so am sharing it right now with you .

World Map showing the popularity of social networks (SNSs) around the world (Oct 2008)

For full size image, click on the following link :

The Conversation Prism

the original can be found here :

This is the first rev of Conversation Prism (1.0). 3.0 is Now Available - www.theconversationprism.com

dah PANTY mesh GOWANTY !!

If you know me well, I’m sure that you know I hate going to school 😀 !, But for sorry “lel darora a7kam” !!

men kam youm kda, kont fel koleya ana wel zamil el 3aziz Karim El 7enawy “7enawy”, we ro7t 3alshan a7der sections beyta7khed feha el 3’eyab, we 7adart el section ana wel zamil 3aziz “7enawy”, bas zay kol mara , ma7adesh fahem 7aga !!

El mohem tele3na ro7na nesawar wara2 **Zay kol mara bardo :D**, we we7na tal3en men bab el koleya, la2ena 3 gusy & 1 girl wa2feen bara BMW, we gowa el BMW wa7da 3amala tekhabat 3al bab men gowa !!

el 3eyal makansh manzarha class, wel bent akeed …. 😀 ! ama b2a elly fel 3arabeya deh mawdo3 tany.

kol shwaya el wad yefta7 bab el 3arabeya we yo3od yefa3as felly gowa el 3arabeya we heya tesawat , we yero7 afel el bab ! 7aga zarefa awy wallahy 😀 !! we 3ala kda beta3 5 minutes.

we shwaya we ra7et elly fel 3arabeya deh nazla, we tel3et wa7da tab3an mate7’telefsh 3an el awaleneya ** Elly kanet bara el 3arabeya** keteer, bel 3aks as7’am menha !

we kanet labsa fe edaiha 7aga 3’areba gdan, ra7 el zamil el 3aziz el 7enawy asked me howa dah gowanty !!

then la2et nafsy mara wa7da kda ba2olo la2 : DAH PANTY MESH GOWANTY !!

we men hena gah el masal el 3azeem dah :D!

How to pick up girls using PHP and mySQL

This is a true story, happened probably about a year ago, in a bookstore in Canada.

Context: Magazine section in a bookstore, guy sees cute asian girl reading magazines.

Guy: Heya… you seem like a fashionable girl, what magazines would you recommend?
Girl: Huh?
Guy: I’m looking to improve my fashion *sweeps arms out to show clothing*, and I’d like you to recommend something for me.
Girl: Oh, I don’t know
Guy: …
Girl: Maybe Vogue… you know… lot’s of magazines here. There’s a bunch that you could read.
Guy: I’ll have to admit I haven’t really read many magazines lately, been busy with school. I noticed you have an interesting accent tho… are you Japanese or Korean?
Girl: Korean.
Guy: *says hello in Korean*, but don’t expect me to speak it, I’m Chinese.
Girl: Ohhh *turns toward the guy* do you have many Korean friends?
Guy: Some here and there. What’re you doing here?
Girl: You mean here as in here, or in Canada?
Guy: Both
Girl: I’m studying English in Vancouver, and I’m visiting Toronto for sightseeing.
Guy: That’s pretty interesting. I’m here shopping for clothes *shows her his shopping bags*
Girl: Wow, you get a lot of clothes for a guy.
Guy: What can I say, I like to shop. What about you, what do you like doing?
Girl: I mountain climb, hang out with friends, and eat.
Guy: Wow, mountain climbing, you’re really brave. I like you, not many cute girls are adventurous like that.
Girl: Haha… thanks.
*some more fluff*
Girl: It’s really hot here, I’m gonna go.
Guy: *thinking she still needs to be in store to wait for her friend* Hey, my legs are tired, let’s go upstairs and sit on a bench. I’d like to know more about this cute girl who climbs mountains.
Girl: *follows*
*Relocates to outside the bookstore*
Guy: What’re you studying in school?
Girl: Computer science, but I really hate it.
Guy: Yea, PHP/mySQL is fine, but C++ can be a pain sometimes.
Girl: Wow, you’re really smart.
Guy: So are you… I like you. *starts holding hands*
Girl: I like you too.
Guy: I want to see you again.
Girl: If I came back here.
Guy: I was planning on going to Vancouver this summer, but *goes into a story*
Girl: Haha… actually, I’m going back to Korea.
Guy: I’ll give you a shout next time I’m in Korea then
Girl: YES! If you come to Korea… we can… you know… *looks expectantly*
Guy: Sometimes it’s not really how long you spend with someone, but the meaning of the interaction.
Girl: Huh?
Guy: You look cute when you’re confused. *leans in to kiss her*
Girl: *pulls away* I’m traditional girl!
Guy: Hey, let’s take a picture, I like your hat.
*picture taking and some more fluff*
*exchanges contact info*
Girl: Ok, I have to go meet my friend… would you like to come along?
Guy: It’s ok. Here’s a hug to remind you of me.
*5 minute hug*

Contrary to popular believe, talking about computers doesn’t make you boring or unattractive to girls. Correlation doesn’t equal cause. Sure, most people who talk about computers to a girl on a “date” aren’t the pick of the litter when it comes to guys. But it doesn’t mean a good guy can’t talk about computers to a girl (not even on a “date” or that he met through a mutual friend) and still not be viewed as attractive :)

Notice how she told him she liked him shortly after he mentioned PHP and mySQL. Now you can tell tell your parents to stop bugging you when they say “stop spending so much time on the computer and get a girlfriend/boyfriend”.