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Why this page ?!

6 Years & I making websites for people, so it's my right to create my personal website and blogging on it !!

we 3al 3emom law mesh 3abgak, it's so easy, simply close this window by clicking on the "red x in the top-right corner" 

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My Partner ( The Boss ), SHIT !!

6oool 3omr baba ye2oly aw7ash 7aga fel donya heya el sharaka, we now bas 3reft laih baba kan bey2ol kda !!

dayman kont ba2ol laih mayeb2ash feh site portal fe alexandria we yeb2a 7aga mo7tarama zay el sites el international specially, I've all the IT capabilities to do such a website !!

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Kan Beykalem 5atebto Fel Balakona !!

one of  my client, 3odw fe magles el sha3b, and need a website to serve Ahaly El Dayra :D!1 

Ma3adna kan el sa3a 11:00 PM !!

Da7'alt astanah fe room m3a nas sha3'ala 3ando fel IT ! 

El Sa3a 11:15 wa7ed da7'al el room elly kont mestaneeh feha, we a7'ad wa7ed men el nas elly a3da we 2allo el bashmohandes 3ayzak !!

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She Was !!

She was the most close one to me !!

She was knowing me more than Myself !!

She was my friend when I was having problems in my work !!

She was my sister when I having problems with my GF !!

She was my soul mate !!

And Suddenly She turned over to be a one , I know him as a colleague !!

May be this because of my pureness & Stupidity in telling her somethings I shouldn't tell !!

BTW, If you are the one I mean, Just want to tell you, I Miss you & Miss our talkin !!

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