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Abou Ali (The Movie) OST

I'm a big fan of this movie, it's really great, Mona zaki act as any boy dream's girl !!

IPB Image

Its FUll CD @192K Exclusive here in Eftekasat

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Lonely !!

3aref lama yekon lek friends kter we tela2y en kolo baya3 we beta3 masale7 ??

3aref lama tekon te3raf ta2reban nos eskenderya ( m3a el mobal3'a ya3ny ) , laken malaksh wala friend ?!

3aref lama tekon leek close friend kowayes gdan, we mara wa7da lama yela2ek da5alt handasa we howa mada5alsh yet5ana2 menak we ye7es enek kont betzaker a7san menno ?!

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Wa2t Daye3 !!

Aw7ash 7aga lama te7es en ay 7aga bete3melha 3'air sho3'lak teb2a tadyee3 wa2t, ya3ny te7la2 da2nak dah tadyee3 wa2t, testana we terkab mwaslat dah tadye3 wa2t, testana 7ad 7at2ablo dah bardo daya3 wa2t !!

El karsa en el mawdo3 dah wasal 3andy le a7'tar mara7lo :), about 3 days ago, kont mashy fe sedi-beshr le a2rab 7eta arkab menha we arawa7 betna,we eftekert en feh wa7ed kan el antee7' beta3y fe sanaweya 3ama 3andohom ma7el dahab fe sedi-beshr, 2olt a3ady men gambo yemken ala2eh we fe3lan la2eto we makontesh shayfo ba2aly about 9 months, el mohem shofto we a3adt m3ah, we a3adt about 3 hours, we etkalemna fel 7aya we fel sho3'l we fel safar we kan wa2t zareef, el 3'areb welly za3elny gdan, en awel masebto 3alashan arawa7 a3adt a2ol, aih dah, 3 sa3at da3o fel hawa el wa7ed ma3refsh fehom ay 7aga gdeda fel 7aya !!

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Ew3a tebos ( aw tetbasy :P ) !!

CAIRO: Two young Egyptians caught in the act of kissing in public in Cairo
during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan have been fined 100 pounds ($17.50)
each, newspapers reported Wednesday.

A court in Kasr al-Nil district found the pair guilty of offending public
morals when they kissed in broad daylight on the banks of the Nile.

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( ISLAMIC ) Blue GiftShop Cafe !!

A Month ago, we "Me & A7med 3abdel-qader" went to meet a personal called "Hanan" @ "Costa City Centre" She was a Marketer & Sales in "UGO Guide" to make a business with her in "Zamago", While we were setting she told us we're waiting for her partner, 30 minute later, her partner came, after saying Hi, we knew he's "Blue Gift Shop" Owner.

While we're talkin about the site and introducing the idea, we found him looking everywhere we mesh merakez neha2y m3ana ( Elet Zo2 6a7n Ya3ny ). we bada2et el mofaga2at :

Konna maskeen "G-Mag" we benetkalem 3anha "It's the BEST pocket magazine in egypt" we kan feha AD le "Virgin Megastores", we 6abe3y 7elm men a7lam ay marketer enno ye3mel deal m3a "Virgin Megastores" we kan rado la2 6ab3an 3ady gdan, we aih el araf dah, ana ma7otelosh e3lan 3andy, 6ab laih ya sedy, 2alak 3alashan 7atet soret lady we dah 7aram !!

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3aib !!

After a spending a nice night 2days ago ( it was on a party in the BA ), there was a girl from Protugal that her body is SO NICE , btw am not talkin about a specified place in her body, absolutely not ,  but her body at all was somethin great !! zat mabey2olo kda 3oodha malosh 7al, elly azraf men kda while we was dancing she was make a moves, esta7ala ay gesm masry can do it ( m3a el e3tezar lel banat el masreyeen ) !!

3al 3emom mesh howa dah el mawdo3, el mawdo3 en 2day while I was in my FUCKULTY !! , we were talking about this, and always was same friends, men3em, mayada, heidy & heba !

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Elly Ma7abesh …..,, Yeb2a Ma7abesh :)!!

You may be surprised about this topic, but it was a period in my life that I will never forget.

While I was in break-up with my GF, it was too long , was about an year. Meanwhile this, I knew a person then we was in a relationship for a while ba3d kda ma7asalsh naseeb .

El Fekra mesh fe kda, el fekra fe 7aga tanya khales, this one was the real mean of LOVE !!, really Ideal GF , so Smart, can be your REAL life partner !!

although I back to my ex-GF after a year, and we are fine now, sometimes, I remember the times that I spent with the other one, dah mesh ta2leel men emet my GF, bel3aks, If we don't love each other makonash rege3na le ba3d.

zaman kda mesh faker meen men el mo3'aneyat el odam 2alet: elly matgawezetsh roshdy abaza teb2a matgawezetsh 😀 !!!

So, Elly Ma7abesh …………, Yeb2a 3omro ma7ey3raf what's thea meaning of real GF / Life Partner !!
Alot of Thanks to her, cause she stood beside me in most of the hard times !

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My Diary – El khamis – 12 Oct. !

El Khamis 12 Oct 2006, 19 Ramadan !!

El Sa3a 11:00 El sob7 :
lesa sa7ey men el nom, yadob omt salet el sob7 we a3adt ashta3'al fe this site !

El Sa3a 4:00 :
Men3em etasal yesalem 3alaya we yes2alny 7aro7 fain 2day zay kol khamis !!

El Sa3a 5:30 :
El fetar , mama kanet 3amla samak, we ana mesh ba7ebo neha2y , bas akalt welly kan kan !!

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