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We just made Car Accident (READ IT CAREFULLY & TAKE CARE) :D

We ( me, my bro & Dad ) was visitin my grandma @ el 3agamy, then we was going to Werdian to take my mom, we're in the way, My brother were driving, my dad beside him & I'm setting in the back with my laptop cause I was finishing some works regards Tunisia.

Akhoya beya5od matab bera7a, we lesa beygeb awel , we mara wa7da la2et wa7ed beylef 3ala shebak el 3arabeya we tar fel hawa we etrama nafso 3al ard ka2en turbiny khabato !!
el mohem la2et a7med wa2af we nezel howa we baba we a7med 3'alat 3'alta bashe3a eno sab el mafate7, awel 7aga eftekertaha en e7na momken netsara2, ro7t akhed mafate7 el cars, we akhed my laptop 7ato fe shantet el 3arabeya we raye7 ashof aih el lama el kebera deh !!

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Thanks Mayada, Heidy, Heba & Walid.

Just want to thank this ppl alot, cause they were only ppl who CALLED ME (on my cell.) to say " El Ba2ya fe 7ayatak", besides alot of ppl say it on the MSN, and they doesn't have my cell # , so thanks alot for them.

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Respect the Money, It’ll Respect you !!

You may be sure that am crazy from this topic, but I believe in this :)!!
dayman when I got money from any think I buy, I'm sorting the money be7ays teb2a men el as3'ar lel akbar we kolo fe nafs el etegat, el symbols wel language.

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3am 3abdel-Razeq ( 7ares el 3omara ) !

3am 3abdel razek :
In the 1st of all, just want to mention my dad great role in teaching me that , NEVER to SAY el BAWAB !!, say 7ares el 3omara, and I really appreciate this !!

now let me tell you about 3am 3abdel razek, 7ares el 3omara bta3etna :),el ragel dah feh 7aga gamda gdan gdan gdan, enno 3ala 6ool mobtasem we beyd7ak lelly 6ale3 welly nazel wala shayel ham el 7aya wala 7aga 🙂

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Ya7’abar Abyad 3al genan !!

Wennaby khod men wa2tak / wa2tek 3-4 minutes and read this chat log :S !!, about someone I don't know , added me in his MSN Contact list, 4 days ago, and as u know, these was so tiry days, from cairo to my unt death to cairo again !!

his nickname is coming soon !!

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Mesh Wes3et Kda ?!

This is latest AD for Melody Hits ( Tata7ada El Malal ) !!
I think enaha law turned to sex channel 7atet7ada el malal fe3lan ( Kat-hom el araf ) !!


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7orreyet el ra2y, bas men 3’air 3’ala6 !!

Just wanted to talk about something, I feel we're missing here in egypt, in OLD ppl & YOUTH too !!

maba2esh feh ay 7ad 3ayez yesma3 ra2y we7esh feh, wel nas kolaha ba2et betgamel we 7aga akher araf !!

6abe3y gdan we MEN 7A2Y, enno a2ol ra2ey fe ay 7aga fel donia, deh 7oreya makfola le ay BANE2ADAM , we laken mesh ma3na kda enny at'3aba we a2el fe adaby we dah elly bey7sal 3andena.

bema3na, men 7a2y enny mabe7besh bane2adam we men 7a2y enny antaqedo we laken men 7a2o howa kaman enno ye3mel beh aw maye3melsh beh we deh 7aga terga3 le kol sha7's.

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Silly feeling !!

Saba7 el estefzaz lama tegy te2ol le 7ad ana me7tagak gamby these days cause am passing on F**kn days, we aked en enta mesh bet2ol kda le ay 7ad, yero7 gai 2ayelak, ofcousre feel free to call me anytime . bgad estefzaz !!

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KONT 3ayzak fe 7war :D ( walla aih ya dolly ;) ) !!

men el 7agat el zarefa awy elly te2olak en elly odamak dah bey7awar 3alaik , lama tegy tesalem 3alaih ye2olak kont fain ya 3am embare7, dah ana kont 3ayzak fe 7war (girls ya3ny) !!

maho aked howa law 3ayezny kan kalemny aw ring me on my cell. phone , walla aih ya dolly 😉

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