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Some Beautiful Free WordPress Themes

While I was searching for free wordpress themes , I found these nice posts :

Social Networking in Images

One of my friends ( Ashraf- has shared these pics with me, and I found it so nice so am sharing it right now with you .

World Map showing the popularity of social networks (SNSs) around the world (Oct 2008)

For full size image, click on the following link :

The Conversation Prism

the original can be found here :

This is the first rev of Conversation Prism (1.0). 3.0 is Now Available -

dah PANTY mesh GOWANTY !!

If you know me well, I’m sure that you know I hate going to school 😀 !, But for sorry “lel darora a7kam” !!

men kam youm kda, kont fel koleya ana wel zamil el 3aziz Karim El 7enawy “7enawy”, we ro7t 3alshan a7der sections beyta7khed feha el 3’eyab, we 7adart el section ana wel zamil 3aziz “7enawy”, bas zay kol mara , ma7adesh fahem 7aga !!

El mohem tele3na ro7na nesawar wara2 **Zay kol mara bardo :D**, we we7na tal3en men bab el koleya, la2ena 3 gusy & 1 girl wa2feen bara BMW, we gowa el BMW wa7da 3amala tekhabat 3al bab men gowa !!

el 3eyal makansh manzarha class, wel bent akeed …. 😀 ! ama b2a elly fel 3arabeya deh mawdo3 tany.

kol shwaya el wad yefta7 bab el 3arabeya we yo3od yefa3as felly gowa el 3arabeya we heya tesawat , we yero7 afel el bab ! 7aga zarefa awy wallahy 😀 !! we 3ala kda beta3 5 minutes.

we shwaya we ra7et elly fel 3arabeya deh nazla, we tel3et wa7da tab3an mate7’telefsh 3an el awaleneya ** Elly kanet bara el 3arabeya** keteer, bel 3aks as7’am menha !

we kanet labsa fe edaiha 7aga 3’areba gdan, ra7 el zamil el 3aziz el 7enawy asked me howa dah gowanty !!

then la2et nafsy mara wa7da kda ba2olo la2 : DAH PANTY MESH GOWANTY !!

we men hena gah el masal el 3azeem dah :D!

How to pick up girls using PHP and mySQL

This is a true story, happened probably about a year ago, in a bookstore in Canada.

Context: Magazine section in a bookstore, guy sees cute asian girl reading magazines.

Guy: Heya… you seem like a fashionable girl, what magazines would you recommend?
Girl: Huh?
Guy: I’m looking to improve my fashion *sweeps arms out to show clothing*, and I’d like you to recommend something for me.
Girl: Oh, I don’t know
Guy: …
Girl: Maybe Vogue… you know… lot’s of magazines here. There’s a bunch that you could read.
Guy: I’ll have to admit I haven’t really read many magazines lately, been busy with school. I noticed you have an interesting accent tho… are you Japanese or Korean?
Girl: Korean.
Guy: *says hello in Korean*, but don’t expect me to speak it, I’m Chinese.
Girl: Ohhh *turns toward the guy* do you have many Korean friends?
Guy: Some here and there. What’re you doing here?
Girl: You mean here as in here, or in Canada?
Guy: Both
Girl: I’m studying English in Vancouver, and I’m visiting Toronto for sightseeing.
Guy: That’s pretty interesting. I’m here shopping for clothes *shows her his shopping bags*
Girl: Wow, you get a lot of clothes for a guy.
Guy: What can I say, I like to shop. What about you, what do you like doing?
Girl: I mountain climb, hang out with friends, and eat.
Guy: Wow, mountain climbing, you’re really brave. I like you, not many cute girls are adventurous like that.
Girl: Haha… thanks.
*some more fluff*
Girl: It’s really hot here, I’m gonna go.
Guy: *thinking she still needs to be in store to wait for her friend* Hey, my legs are tired, let’s go upstairs and sit on a bench. I’d like to know more about this cute girl who climbs mountains.
Girl: *follows*
*Relocates to outside the bookstore*
Guy: What’re you studying in school?
Girl: Computer science, but I really hate it.
Guy: Yea, PHP/mySQL is fine, but C++ can be a pain sometimes.
Girl: Wow, you’re really smart.
Guy: So are you… I like you. *starts holding hands*
Girl: I like you too.
Guy: I want to see you again.
Girl: If I came back here.
Guy: I was planning on going to Vancouver this summer, but *goes into a story*
Girl: Haha… actually, I’m going back to Korea.
Guy: I’ll give you a shout next time I’m in Korea then
Girl: YES! If you come to Korea… we can… you know… *looks expectantly*
Guy: Sometimes it’s not really how long you spend with someone, but the meaning of the interaction.
Girl: Huh?
Guy: You look cute when you’re confused. *leans in to kiss her*
Girl: *pulls away* I’m traditional girl!
Guy: Hey, let’s take a picture, I like your hat.
*picture taking and some more fluff*
*exchanges contact info*
Girl: Ok, I have to go meet my friend… would you like to come along?
Guy: It’s ok. Here’s a hug to remind you of me.
*5 minute hug*

Contrary to popular believe, talking about computers doesn’t make you boring or unattractive to girls. Correlation doesn’t equal cause. Sure, most people who talk about computers to a girl on a “date” aren’t the pick of the litter when it comes to guys. But it doesn’t mean a good guy can’t talk about computers to a girl (not even on a “date” or that he met through a mutual friend) and still not be viewed as attractive :)

Notice how she told him she liked him shortly after he mentioned PHP and mySQL. Now you can tell tell your parents to stop bugging you when they say “stop spending so much time on the computer and get a girlfriend/boyfriend”.

ضياع اللمبي في العرس الأوليمبي

While I was reading Almasry-Alyoum, I found this GREAT article , I hope you like it !

ضياع اللمبي في العرس الأوليمبي – ٢/٩/٢٠٠٨

بلغني أن السيد متولي أبو طاقية.. رئيس اللجنة الأوليمبية، قد أرسل إلي البائس المسكين.. رئيس بعثة بكين، ودارت بينهما مباحثات مازالت جارية.. تم خلالها استخدام الألفاظ النابية.. وتخللها تبادل ضرب الأحذية، وقد حكي لنا مندوب الأخبار.. جانباً من الحوار الذي دار..

وقد سأل أبو طاقية قبل السفر عن أبطالنا الأفذاذ.. وما يمكن تحقيقه من إنجاز.. فرد البائس المسكين اطمئن ياسيدي الأستاذ.. إننا في سبيلنا لتحقيق الإعجاز.. فقد أشرف خبراؤنا بامتياز.. علي تحقيق مشروع اللمبي.. لصنع البطل الأوليمبي.. وقال الخبير عبده التتش.. لقد أعطينا كل لاعب جزمة كاوتش.. وفانلة وشورت وسندوتش.. فول وطعمية (نية) مااتقلتش.. حتي يتم تغذية أبطالنا بالطاقة.. فيضمن للتأهل إلي بكين بطاقة.. وتم عمل خطة جهنمية.. لرفع مستوي اللياقة البدنية.. بالجري يومياً حول الساحة الشعبية..

وقد عسكر أبطالنا (بالعزبة) الأوليمبية.. وتم علاجهم من بلهارسيا المجاري البولية.. والضعف والهزال والنزلات المعوية.. وقد حذر السيد مدير الساحة.. أبطالنا دوماً من السباحة.. فقال لهم: كل ما تدي ضهرك للحمام تسلم وتبقي تمام التمام.. وقد حذرهم أيضاً من استخدام (الجلة).. في الشرب وحذرهم أيضاً من شم (الكلة).. لأنهم سيقابلون في الفسطاط.. لجنة الكشف عن المنشطات.. وكذلك الحزام والمثلثات..

وعليكم تعلم الفهلوة والحركات.. ولا يغرنكم الأجانب مفتولو العضلات.. فكل شيء نصيب الرك علي النيات.. دي بتيجي ويا الهبل دوبل، وبتيجي ويا العمي طابات.. وأقطع دراعي لو شمينا ريحة الميداليات.. وابقوا تعالوا علي قبري واقضوا الحاجات.

د.محمد عبدالمنعم

Source could be found here :

Best PHP Framework / PHP Frameworks Comparison

I’d been looking for best PHP Framework about 6 months ago !! read a lot of comparison charts, downloaded CakePHP & CodeIgniter and tried both of them.

Finally I found the CodeIgniter should be the best PHP framework although it’s not the ALL-IN-ONE framework, but it’s easy to custom / use / integrate, it has a GREAT documentation, so nice community & Finally 2+ Books.

for more information here are some resources :

How to ignore duplicated entries problem in Primary key field in MySQL ?

While I was working on a HUGE database processing, it was about 3,4 M. rows., I faced a problem which is “Add row with ID which already inserted in before in Primary key field”, for example:

1 item description
1 item description_2

They are not identical but the primary keys are. Since primary keys have to be unique this throws an error.
Here is how we get around this error:

$sql = "INSERT IGNORE INTO ".$table." (".$column.") VALUES (".$value.")";

This will drop the second line and continue on with the script.

$sql = "INSERT INTO ".$table." (".$column.") VALUES (".$value.")"  ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE ".$column[0]."=".$column[0]+1"";

This will update the previous row. Most of the times you do not want to change a primary key if the data is dumped to you. So I cannot stress to you enough to emphasize to your data feed distribution to give you nice, clean dumps!!!

Forgot your SSH Password ?? or SSH SSH Service failed and you can’t start it using Cpanel.. ??

Consider the scenario :- SSH service in your server ( CPanel ) has falied and its not allowing you to login from backend. But you can login to WHM with any issues. Trying to restart SSH using WHM > Restart Services also is giving a “Failed” result .


You have changed the SSH port for server hardening , but forgot to add the new port to the firewall rules. And after you logout from the current shell you cant login using both ports: –

Please paste the following to your browser


This will reset the current SSH configuration to default configuration and safely restart SSH. As you all know this only works on a Cpanel Server!

Source :

Vodafone Egypt clinches Sarcom content to boost internet service

CAIRO: If the traditional ADSL internet providers aren’t looking over their shoulders, they ought to be.vodafone_and_srmady

Telecom giant Vodafone thinks it has the recipe to dominate the internet market in Egypt, and as proof it announced Tuesday its intention to buy a majority stake in content provider Sarmady Communications (Sarcom).

The deal, the details of which are being kept strictly under wraps, will greatly expand Vodafone’s ability to support its internet services with content.

It’s all part of Vodafone’s aggressive growth strategy.

Eager to “see what companies might help us accelerate our internet growth,” the company took a broad look at groups that might fit the bill, Jonathan Bill, head of internet and content services at Vodafone, told Daily News Egypt

Sarcom was a clear standout.

“The attraction to Sarcom,” added Bill, “is that they provide the flipside of the internet. We provide the access and they provide terrific content.”

Bill argued that one of the distinct advantages Vodafone has over the traditional ADSL providers is that the rural market is virtually untouched. Part of the reason for this is the difficulty in routing landlines to remote parts of the country.

In addition to its major role in the mobile internet market, Vodafone also offers fixed ADSL access.

The wireless options Vodafone offers, however, it believes gives it a leg over the competition.

It’s Vodafone Live service, for example, serves as a mobile internet portal.

“We absolutely believe that we have a significant place to play in the internet,” said Bill.

Though Vodafone’s purchase of Sarcom serves as a serious indication of the direction internet service is heading, the partnership between these two companies is nothing new.

Bill cites a five year relationship that helped lay the groundwork for this week’s deal. Over the course of the relationship, Sarcom primarily provided sports content to Vodafone.

If Vodafone is successful in its continued efforts to build an internet empire, the potential rewards could be tremendous.

With its desire to provide both access and content, Vodafone has the potential to drive a significant push in advertising revenue.

Sarcom offers a diverse array of content, including, which had 160 million page views last year alone;;; and

In a statement to the press, Vodafone Egypt CEO Richard Daly said, “This acquisition is pivotal in moving Vodafone into the heart of the internet space in Egypt and we can see both significant opportunities for advertisers and a great experience for consumers as a result.”

Meanwhile, Cornelius O’Donnell, CEO of Sarcom, said, “We are thrilled to be joining forces with a global leader like Vodafone. The investment capacity from Vodafone Egypt coupled with our already strong working relationship will enable us to provide ever-richer content to customers as well as develop digital advertising in Egypt. We believe there are exciting growth opportunities with this expanding industry.”

Telecom Egypt, which owns a 45 percent stake in Vodafone Egypt, said the jump in its latest quarterly results was helped by its stake in the mobile phone operator. Earnings from Vodafone Egypt jumped 25 percent to LE 330 million.

“The mobile market in Egypt is growing and Vodafone is clearly outperforming the other operators,” Telecom Egypt Chairman Akil Beshir told Reuters.

With 15 million current subscribers, Vodafone is the second largest mobile telecommunication company in Egypt.

According to predictions by Research and Markets, by 2010 there will be an estimated 73 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people, with the total number of subscribers reaching 57.3 million. This signifies more than a 36 percent increase, up from the current wireless penetration level of 56 percent and 42 million subscribers.

In a previous interview with Daily News Egypt, Hany Mahmoud, vice president of Vodafone Egypt, said the company plans to expand beyond its current role to become a “total” telecommunication company. By offering numerous services through one provider, expanding its 3G coverage so less urban areas will have mobile access to wireless internet, and continuing to improve its customer care, Mahmoud said Vodafone hopes to have 20 million customers by the year 2010.

How to debug Javascript with Visual Web Developer Express 2008 Express ?

While I was working on simple AJAX webpage, that get the contents from other page, and put it in specific DIV, I was getting errors in IE7 although it was working like a charm in Firefox 3.0 !!

As you know, that IE 7.0 is the most ever stupid browser, so I couldn’t debug this error ! I searched all ove the internet and finally find a great article that describes how to use Microsoft Visual Studio Web Developer Express in Debugging Javascript in Internet Explorer 7.0 :grin:

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