Almost 1 year later since my last post, but it’s time to talk 🙂 ! Let’s start with 1st topic, which ‘s CEO Vs. CEO.

and here’s the story :

2 weeks ago, I got a call from a friend who’s CEO of one of biggest 2 IT Companies in Alexandria. this company use .NET technologies. and here’s the call:
Hi Mahmoud, how are you ?? I need senior PHP Developers  for Full-time job for one or 2 months.

So, the requirements as follow :
1- Senior PHP Developer
2- Full time
3- job duration (1-2 months)

from my point of view, it’s impossible to make the 3 requirements.

The weird thing that he didn’t asked me , can you handle this task ?? what about outsourcing it to you ?? do you know anyone who can handle it ??

Here’s what I know about this company from some ppl in the market and ppl working there :
1- They’re about (Masha2 Allah) 25 developers.
2- Most of them are .NET and they just established new PHP Department.
3- Their salleries are not good at all. 
4- THEY THINK that there’s no good developers any more !! and they examed about 150 developers and they all failed !!
5- Sometimes they’ve restrictions in hiring new people ( they must be Computer science or passed by ITI Training program or something similar )
6- When you visit there, you feel yourself in bees cell !!

Ok ?? done with 1st CEO ??, now take a breath !!

2 days later from 1st CEO call, I got another call from the CEO of the 2nd biggest IT Company in Alexandria (Yes I’m Lucky 😀 all calls from CEO :D) . and here’s the call :
2nd CEO : Hi Mahmoud, how are you ?? we’ve a job and we want to outsource it to you,  ….. (Job Details)…… , how much will it cost 
ME : $600
2nd CEO : Ok, let’s say $1000
ME : No, $600 is enough for me, and I’ll be satisfied
2nd CEO : No, we can’t sign a contract less than $2000, so we’ll get the half and you the half
ME : Ok, No problem, Bye.

at this time I GOT A BIG SHOCK !! 90% of the people am dealing with would say Mahmoud, Please do it for $500, Although they’ll take $3000 !!

This company, has it’s name in the region, and now starting to get it’s name bigger worldwide.

Here’s what I know about this company from some ppl in the market and ppl working there too :
1- They’re about (Masha2 Allah) 25 developers too.
2- They’re using open source technologies, mostly Ruby on Rails.
3- Their salleries are good.
4- They’ve no (education) restriction about hiring new people.
5- When you visit there, you feel yourself in fun house !


Now, the story ends. and only my thoughts remaining…

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Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah



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  • Think globally….act locally 🙂 guess the first company is stuck in the old method of suckin the employees without anything in return…. while the other depends on comforting the employees so they’d do their best with passion…. I think..

    • @Diaa :
      read she7ata’s comment 🙂 ! it’s almost near to the moral !!
      People think themselves are very smart, they can do everything with the least prices, they want to hire ppl to work , work & work and then NOTHING !! they never care about what they learnt ??
      at the same time, they want to hire the most qualified ppl for the least salary !! NO ONE ON THE EARTH COULD APPLY THIS FORMULA YET !

  • All i can to say ya Mahmoud

    It’s NICE to be the first company & feel that you are IMPORTANT ….
    But it’s more IMPORTANT to be NICE ….like the second company

    Yesterday I was Clever, So i wanted to change the world… Today i am wise, So i am changing Myself

  • i think u gonna receive one more call from only one of them which u want to join 🙂 and if not be sure u’ll have more later which will is much more better than these 2 calls.


  • Well, nice, two different methodology, and if i were in yoru position, i would like to sign even a consulting contract with the 2nd CEO 🙂 LOL, what I see is they are really open minded, the 1st CEO think that he can “save” money if he just hire a developer “under” his vision to complete the job and do all the modification for free and being dedicated !, this is exactly the same style of Living Inside the ‘Matrix’ 🙂 , feels like slave connected to a rough framework and your role is to “do work do work do work no stop do work do work no stop … ” , good experience sir 🙂 have a nice coding …

  • @mahmoud, actually this formula can be applied in egypt in a lot of fields… luckily.. not the software development field 😉

    I want to say that something from the prospective of an employee…

    in Company #1. an employee might take if he had no better option. he’ll continuously look for other places that are more rewarding from both financial and satisfaction sides.

    In a company like #2… employees tend to feel as part of the family since they’re appreciated and rewarded well (both financially and non-financially)… They tend to improve that. but focusing on improving them selves and the company. simply because they’ll think \I want to get to a bigger company, but i want to stay here. so let’s make here a bigger company ;)\. and \bigger\ doesn’t have to mean the number of employees… it could be \more successful\, \richer\,….

  • one more comment from the CEO prospective… I’m not an SEO, but let’s expect 😀

    Profilt to both CEO is the most important factor. That’s part of being a CEO.

    CEO #2

    He wants to increase profit. so he’ll get, train and maintain the highest qualified people. They will help him profit by selling higher quality software at a higher price. and/or by reducing the cost of of the project development (by developing in a more professional way).

    He wants to establish an entity that has a high stable profit by time.

    CEO #1

    He already has a project with a specific price. He wants to increase profit. So he just went on reducing the cost by looking for inexpensive resources. why would he care to increase the satisfaction of the employee?.. he’ll let him go anyway… The CEO here just focus on the short term profit..

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