3abdel-fatta7 3al BBC ya menzz


last friday, I saw a twitt by BCC Arabic on tiwtter that Obama won Nobel Prize, so I clicked the link & found it real story, so I was 2nd one to comment. then I got a call from UK asking me to send a small video clip recorede by webcam or mobile cam with my opinion, but max. to send it on friday !! I said it’s ok but I forgot to send it a friday.

then they called me again on sunday, asking for the video !! So, I felt these guys is working hard on this issue. and they respect their readers. so, I recoreded using my new laptop’s web cam. and sent it to them. and they published it.

we tab3an bashkorhom enohom da7o bel qana we tala3o soty zay mahowa 😀 !!

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