Cant create a new dial-up connection


2 months ago, I went to a place where there’s no WiFi Connection, but there was a land-line phone, and when I tried to create a new dial-up connection to plug the landline phone cable, I found the option is DISABLED, when I back home I spent over 2 days trying about 4-5 solutions by microsoft itself and nothing works !! and finally find a the solution !

This solution should works for :
1. Cant create a dial up connection
2. Can’t start “Remote Access Connection Manager” service, Error 126.

Solution :
Put your Windows CD in the drive
Close any autorun
(sens.dl_ is located on the Windows CD in I386 folder)
Go to a command prompt (Start->Run->CMD)
Change to your CD Drive letter (ie type D: then enter)
Change Directory to I386 folder (ie CD I386)
Type the following command:
expand sens.dl_ %windir%\System32\sens.dll
(answer yes, if overwriting existing file)
Remove the Windows CD
Restart the computer

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