Time waster mail


I got a mail from friend, contains :

If you saw ME in a police car what would you think I got arrested for? Reply to me alone, then fwd this on and see how many crimes you get accused of.

I sent it to many friends, and here are all replies that I got 😀  !!
BTW, you can leave your comment here too 🙂 !

last updated @ 5 :48 P.M. June 03, 2009.

Abdel-Rahman Batanony :
fake website  :P:P:P

Alain Roy :
You will have been arrest, because their is too much girl into your car ! You was looking the girl and not the road 🙂 lol

Waleed Gad El-kareem :
you dont have to be accused of anything to be in a police car in Egypt.

Ayman El-Domiaty :
Sare2 Sharaf wa7da ….lol

Haythem Kamel :
credit card theaft
software liscence
international calls transformation
spying through IT
money laundry
bank accounts theaft
online demonstration
un accepted blogging

enta raye7 fi dahya raye7 fe dahya we 7abalagh 3annak

Mayada Moustafa :
et5an2et m3 el 3askary beta3 el moror 3lshan katab nemret el 3arabya w2alak enak mashy 3’alat wenta 2oltlo mafesh 7aga t2oly eny mashy 3’alat :D:D

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