My Travel to Tunisia


While I was viewing this page, I got weird how that I didn't post about my travel to tunisia althoug it was about 45 days old :D!!.
BTW, We Got the 3rd Prize in Mediterranean Olympics for Information Technology., and want to thanks Mohamed 3awam So MUCH, He was GREAT ONE we sob7an allah kan feh beny we baino synchronization ma7asalsh m3a 7ad fe 7ayaty 3'air Mayada, bas fe3lan kan feh comedya besabab mawdo3 el synchronization, ka2enena 3ayeshen m3a ba3d maslan ba2alna 5 years :D!!
mesh 7atawel 3alaiko b2a, ana kont bakteb 1st day in text file to post it here, when I finish my exams, I'll Post 1st day only 😀 and the photos too 🙂

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