Thanks Mayada, Heidy, Heba & Walid.


Just want to thank this ppl alot, cause they were only ppl who CALLED ME (on my cell.) to say " El Ba2ya fe 7ayatak", besides alot of ppl say it on the MSN, and they doesn't have my cell # , so thanks alot for them.

feh nas b2a 3amalo feha el ged3an, elly 7ankalemak we ne3raf el 3aza
emta wel kalam bta3 el shabab el bo2 dah :D, we nas kol youm
beykalemony we 7ata makalefosh 5aterhom yetkalemo on da phone,
3alafekra homa 3arefen nafsohom kowayes gdan gdan gdan 😀 fa kfaya kda
we malosh lazma el seya7, bas 7a2ol aih b2a , mafesh fayda !!

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Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah

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