Respect the Money, It’ll Respect you !!


You may be sure that am crazy from this topic, but I believe in this :)!!
dayman when I got money from any think I buy, I'm sorting the money be7ays teb2a men el as3'ar lel akbar we kolo fe nafs el etegat, el symbols wel language.

el zaref b2a enny lama akon rakeb
MicroBus we akhod ba2y 20 maslan fehom 10, 5, 1 & .50 EGP, we a3od
aratebhom ala2y elly gamby yebosely ka2eny magnon 😀 loool !!

Btw, I believe in "Respect the Money, It'll Respect you"

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Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah

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