Elly Ma7abesh …..,, Yeb2a Ma7abesh :)!!


You may be surprised about this topic, but it was a period in my life that I will never forget.

While I was in break-up with my GF, it was too long , was about an year. Meanwhile this, I knew a person then we was in a relationship for a while ba3d kda ma7asalsh naseeb .

El Fekra mesh fe kda, el fekra fe 7aga tanya khales, this one was the real mean of LOVE !!, really Ideal GF , so Smart, can be your REAL life partner !!

although I back to my ex-GF after a year, and we are fine now, sometimes, I remember the times that I spent with the other one, dah mesh ta2leel men emet my GF, bel3aks, If we don't love each other makonash rege3na le ba3d.

zaman kda mesh faker meen men el mo3'aneyat el odam 2alet: elly matgawezetsh roshdy abaza teb2a matgawezetsh 😀 !!!

So, Elly Ma7abesh …………, Yeb2a 3omro ma7ey3raf what's thea meaning of real GF / Life Partner !!
Alot of Thanks to her, cause she stood beside me in most of the hard times !

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Mahmoud M. Abdel-Fattah

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