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خواطر عن مواقع الانتخابات المصرية (من الاستفتاء للرئاسية)


بعد حوالي سنة من الشغل مع شركة eSpace و وزارة التنمية الادارية في مواقع الاستفتاء و الانتخابات البرلمانية و اخيرا موقع الانتخابات الرئيسية حبيت اتكلم شوية عن اللي الواحد اتعلمه و شافه في الكواليس :)يمكن اي حد حيقرأ الكلام ده حيقول و ماله ديه ناس بتعمل شغلها و بتقبض علشان تعمل كده، اسمح لي اقولك لو اللي شغالين في المشروع ده مجرد موظفين كان اخركو حتشوفوا موقع معمول بـ Microsoft Word و بدل متشوف انت...

That’s why I am in love with eSpace


We have no dress code, Actually I spent most of last summer wearing shorts ! Flexi-Hours, join whenever you are ready to work ! Open Management Meeting, a weekly meeting that gather the whole company staring office boy to the CEO to discuss anything regarding the company !! Our office boy is rarely to find, he’s really funny when u ask him for a drink and he tells you “la2 kfaya...

Using Scrapy with different / many proxies


Ref. to the previous post (Using Scrapy with proxies), I mentioned how to use a SINGLE proxy with Scrapy.
Now, what if you have different proxies ? here are a simple few changes to make it .
1. Add a new array with your proxies to your config file as follows :
2. Update your file to the following :
That’s it 🙂 !

Using Scrapy with proxies


I’m working currently on a scraping some websites for I used to develop in PHP but when I searched for best scraping / crawling, I found Scrapy (written in Python) is the best. You can read more about it and how to start here :  I searched a lot for how to use proxies with Scrapy but couldn’t find simple / Straight forward way to do it. All are talking about Middlewares and...

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